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Making a KEY difference to children recovering from cancer


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  • Days out for the families at our beach hut.

  • Activity Craft Boxes for children at GOSH.

  • Plus we are aiming to buy a holiday caravan!

All money raised goes directly to the families of children going through cancer, to help fund:

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About Unlock a Life for Lockey


Unlock a Life for Lockey was set up in January 2014 by the family and friends of seven-year-old Laughlin Whiteley, known

as Lockey.

When he was just four years old, Laughlin successfully fought a brain tumour.

Three years later he was diagnosed with AML leukaemia and received a stem cell transplant.

Laughlin relapsed in August 2014 and sadly, despite an incredibly brave battle, passed away on October 11th, 2014.


While receiving his own treatment, Laughlin came up with the idea of creating special boxes full of fun activities and craft

materials for other children staying at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Team Laughlin vowed to carry on with the charity he inspired and continue to support the families of children with cancer

and by providing Unlock boxes to youngsters.

We are now also able to offer them a day out on the Essex coast using our beach hut, The Happy Shack.


How do we help to UNLOCK a life?

Through Laughlin's treatment we discovered a number of KEY things that made a significant difference. These three keys have become the aims of Unlock a Life For Lockey:

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