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Making a KEY difference to children recovering from cancer


Prepare to unlock a life in 10 minutes. Register as a stem cell donor with It only takes 5 minutes. They will post you a cheek swab kit which you just mail back to them. Another 5 minutes. The most complicated bit of it is getting the swab to dry. As long as you not yet 56, you can do it. You should do it.


But please bear with them – their UK operations only began in 2013 (they are the biggest worldwide donor charity) and they are open to a much wider age group than others, so have been a little swamped. This is a good thing, so be patient. Being a donor is a marathon, not a sprint – you may go on the register and wait a decade or more to be matched, so a few weeks here or there will not make any difference.


If you are aged 18-30 you can also register via the www.Anthony Nolan


Unlock a life every day you donate. For those who want to do something regular – become a blood, and platelet, donor. You can register to donate stem cells at the same time. To date Laughlin has needed over 30 transfusions, and over 40 platelet transfusions, and at present is having one of these every 2 days.


You are never too old to help unlock a life.

·         Promote donation - How many 18-55 year olds do you know?

·         Sponsor a donator – either commit to a donation if someone you know donates, or a set amount for every 10, 5, 2 people you know who donate.  

·         Help to ensure that as many donors as possible get the chance. All donation agencies should be working together to expand the register – so if a potential donor does not meet one organisation’s criteria THEY STILL REFER THEM ON rather than giving them a flat NO.

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Help Save A Life......

Become a Stem Cell Donor

We could help organise a donor recruitment drive in your workplace,community or school.



Please contact us for further details about

arranging a donor drive near you.

Andrea and Richard Buckley Beccy Haley RNLI Burnham on Crouch Donor Drive, 1st March 2014