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Making a KEY difference to children recovering from cancer



Children who are undergoing cancer treatment are often hospitalised for extended periods, which denies them the chance to play and socialise as normal. They need to continue to be stimulated, inspired and invigorated with both activities and new play opportunities. They need to be surrounded by inspiring and creative materials and people to help them find the strength to heal.


Unlock Boxes assist children facing stem cell transplants to cope with isolation by providing them with play, art and craft activities that enable them to remain engaged and stimulated.


Hobbycraft have also kindly donated various seasonal activties to add to the boxes.


The boxes contain up to £35 worth of craft activities and are distributed to children undergoing transplants at Great Ormond Street.


'These children are locked in a hospital room 24 hours a day for 6 weeks, sometimes even longer. It is hard for them, and their carers, to stay positive and motivated. These activities provide them with a chance to create, to explore, to play, despite the isolation.' - Playworker at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Thank you...

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We provide 'Unlock Boxes' for children undergoing cancer treatment at

Great Ormond Street Hospital