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Making a KEY difference to children recovering from cancer


Unlock a Life for Lockey has three key aims:

Chest & Keys Drawing- By Laughlin Jan 2014

We promote and facilitate stem cell donor registration.


We provide and facilitate outdoor activities to strengthen the resilience and bonds within families with a child undergoing cancer treatment.


What we do

Laughlin's Picture of Chest & Keys - Unlock a Life for Lockey Become a Stem Cell Donor Unlock Boxes for GOSH The Happy Shack Beach Hut

We are a small charity that launched in January 2014. The money we raise helps fund:


The Happy Shack Beach Hut : including maintenance and furnishings PLUS we give each of the families £30 spending money for fuel/refreshments/lunch,  to enable them to have an extra special day at the seaside.


Unlock Craft Activity Boxes ; for children undergoing transplants, to help cope with isolation by providing them with play, art and craft activities that enable them to remain engaged and stimulated.


Stem Cell Awareness : We could help organise a stem cell donor drive at your school, workplace or local community.



We are therefore extremely grateful for all support received, not only to help continue to fund the work that we do but to also to raise awareness of stem cell donation.




Why we need your support

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